Product Name: Keloid Opener

  • Unit : / $100

This product is highly effective in the treatment of keloid scar irrespective of the size and location on the body.

  ▪It limits skin stretching during the process of breaking down the keloids tissues and also prevents abnormal        scarring .

  ▪One single application of a coat is enough to start the shrinking down process but this carries a stinging sensation that could last for a while.

  ▪It will melt the keloid and facilitate easy breaking down by the Keloid Cracker.

  ▪It is flexible and highly adhesive.

  ▪Apply the Removal Lotion for easy removal.

How to use:
Apply precisely to keloids and edges lightly. Be careful not to touch unwanted areas to avoid burnt. Leave it on keloid for 3 days without getting it wet. Reapply after the 3rd day if keloid has not opened. If it is opened apply Keloid Cracker.

Burnt kernel shell, kernel oil, alligator peppers shell and other herbal extracts.


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