Erectile Dysfunction (ED)

Erectile Dysfunction (ED)

The ability to gain and sustain a good erection can become a problem for many men irrespective of their age. There is this assumption that incidence of Erectile Dysfunction (ED) is common from the age of 50, this is not correct at all because I have seen younger men seeking for help in that area lately. There are so many underline health issues that could lead to erectile dysfunction, among which are as follows:

– diabetes medication (25% of ED is caused by medication)

– vascular disease

– depression

– age

– peripheral vascular disease

– alcohol

– local causes

– smoking

– prostatic surgery

– major abdominal surgery

– radiotherapy

50% of diabetics suffer from Erectile Dysfunction. Other causes of erectile disorders are local trauma to the genitalia, congenital spina bifida, and fractured pelvis. Some of the medications that may be implicated in ED are anti-hypertensive drugs, beta-blockers, H2 antagonists for acid reflux, NSAID (e.g. Nurofen).

Our treatment is totally different from all these. We will prescribe a pure herbal solution that will eradicate the original cause of this problem and give you a permanent solution to the problem without facing the ordeal of side effects that comes with the orthodox medicine.

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